In the automotive realm, the word “Restoration” evokes images of cars stripped to the skeleton, not a bolt left unturned. While this is certainly one meaning, restoration does not have to apply only to prized classics and antiques. Even your late model daily driver can be a candidate to be restored.

On the interior, vehicles accumulate dust and dirt, liquid spills and stains, road salt deposits, and general debris. Through restorative detailing, nearly all of these concerns can be addressed and corrected, returning your interior to like new condition.

IMG_0226 IMG_0231


On the exterior, Due to environmental exposure, your vehicle’s exterior can deteriorate in a number of ways. Paintwork is plagued by swirls, scratches, and etching from bugs, bird droppings, and industrial fallout. Plastic and metal components can haze and fall victim to discoloration, and rubber trim and tires fade to a dull and lifeless appearance. Depending on the severity of these defects, it is often possible to restore these to like-new appearance as well. Below is a photo showing a 50/50 of reconditioned paint on the left, and heavily swirled and scratched paint on the right of an Subaru STi we recently completed.



Wheels & tires are just as important and often overlooked during the washing stage. Below are a couple photos taken during a “wheels off” detail we recently completed on a Porsche 911 GT3. Wheels were removed, thoroughly cleaned with PH balanced wheel cleaner & rubber scrubbed to remove road grime. Wheels were then hand dried and faces were polished to remove oxidation to bring back the jet black color along with tons of gloss.

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