New Car Protection

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your brand new dream car. It is likely the second largest financial investment you’ll make. DO NOT LET THE DEALERSHIP TOUCH IT!!

We operates on the exact opposite business model as new car dealerships. We use the best products available, take our time to perfect every process, do not rely on high volume, and treat the vehicle as if it were our own. Dealership facilities are simply not trained and can not afford to give your new car the time and treatment it deserves. There exists TONS of room for improvement on a straight from factory “showroom” finish. Northern Ontario cars demand protection from all four seasons. The goals of our New Car Protection Packages are as follows:

  1. Perform a complete decontamination of all vehicle surfaces. Dealerships pack the paints finish with fillers intended to hide minor scratches and damage caused in transport. After a few weeks these fillers degrade and you will often find small sanding marks, scratches, and traces of high speed buffer damage that you did not see at delivery. We also remove all iron ferrous contamination that sets in to your paint during rail transport and all greasy interior dressings applied by the dealership. The goal of decontamination is to return to the raw surface so we can begin refinement and protection the proper way.
  1. Highly refine and perfect the vehicles finish through advanced paint polishing. We operate in a controlled indoor environment using the latest technology in equipment and processes to polish your new car to and unreal level of gloss and depth. Even the lightest hazing and swirling is robbing your paint of its true color and gloss as light is distorted as it tries to pass cleanly through the clear coat, in to the color layer, and back to our eye. The goal of paint polishing and paint correction is to create a perfectly polished and flat clear coat surface for color to transfer through. Customers are amazed at what we are able to bring out of a “new” paint finish.
  1. Install the most advanced technology in protective coatings to all vehicle surfaces. Dealerships attempt to sell you an extremely cheap “protection package” at an extremely high price during the financing stage of the deal. Don’t be fooled. These programs are designed to get you back in to the dealership for reapplication, where they can then up sell you on brakes, oil changes, and other services. We stay on the cutting edge of the Protective Coating Industry and offers the most advanced system available on market. Carpro, Optimum & Ceramic Pro coatings offer gloss, protection, and self cleaning capabilities like nothing else on the market. There are protective coatings designed for every surface of the car including paint, trim, wheels, glass, and interior surfaces that leave a beautiful finish protected for upwards of 2 years and make maintenance and cleaning as simple as possible. The goal of protective coatings is to install a sacrificial layer on to you vehicles surfaces that shine like nothing else and deliver LONG TERM protection against daily use hazards like the sun, water spots, magnesium chloride, interior spills, and bird droppings. Keep the value of your investment high throughout the life of the vehicle.