2014 Nissan Rogue polished & coated in Opti-gloss

This Nissan Rogue came to us on referral, after the owner purchased the car pre-owned. My client was very unhappy with how the vehicle was prepared by the dealership, so they brought it to me to correct. All paint surfaces were covered in swirls and RIDS, headlights and taillights were also a mess. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to properly document the transition through the detail so this blog is a little light on photos, but as you can see in the final shots the vehicle left the shop better than brand new.

Quick rundown of services performed – vehicle received a Gloss Enhancement detail, which removed 80-85% of the surface defects. To start things off, we completed a 2 stage decontamination process that stripped the paint of any previous wax/sealant, any ferrous iron deposits, and prepped the paint to be polished. A 1-step polish was performed that dialed in the paint and plastics, then was sealed with Optimum Opti-gloss for up to 18 months of protection.

What the owner had to say:

I was amazed and extremely happy when I arrived to pick up my new car. THIS is the way it should have been delivered in the first place. I would recommend Scotty’s┬áto anyone that needs detailing done to their vehicle. He is very reasonable and did a very professional job.”


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