Toyota Supra 1-step correction & Beeds coating

This detail was an absolute treat for me. The Toyota Supra has always been one of my favorite cars of all time, and when a good friend of mine finally bought one I couldn’t wait to get it into the shop. As the car came in, the paint had it’s share of swirls and sratches throughout from improper washing, bird bombs and sitting out in the elements from the previous owner. To get things started, a thorough decon was performed, from a foam bath to claybar treatment, the paint was stripped and ready for polishing. The paint received a 1-step polish that managed to remove the majority of the defects and brought out tons of gloss and flake in the paintwork. To finish things off, another foam bath was performed to remove all polishing dust, then an IPA wipe down followed by a thick coating of Beeds Ceramic Paint coating for long term protection.

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