Ram 1500 Sport Decon & Gloss-coat coating

This Ram came to us in need of a very heavy decontamination. Parked where the owner works, the truck is subjected to heavy industrial fall out, mud and dust on a daily basis. As seen in the photos, the paintwork was riddled with iron deposits – that appear to be rust spots – crusted on mud and dirt. A thorough foam bath started things off to loosen things up, then a high pressure rinse. At this point, the defects were more evident and were treated to a pH-balanced fallout chemical bath. While the paintwork was soaking, the wheels and tires were strubbed several times to remove embedded mud and dirt. The truck then recieved another high pressure rinse, then was brought into the shop for more paint prep. At this point, we utilized an aggressive claybar as well as an Nanoskin Autoscrub pad which aided in removing the rest of the embedded sediments. An IPA wipe down was performed, followed by a thick coating of Opti-coat to protect the paint going forward.

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