2010 Subaru WRX STi 1 step polish & Beeds HD Treatment

This was a new client of ours that had seen previous work done on other Subarus and wanted his to be properly cleaned up and protected for the long term. On arrival, I noticed that not only was the car dirty, but was covered in iron deposits from the roof, to hood and hugely evident on side skirts and doors. The car was then foamed and left to soak to loosen debris, then rinsed and hand washed with a microfibre wash-mit. I brought the car into the shop and went to work on the “rust spots” plaguing the car. The car was then clayed, rinsed down again, towel dried followed by an IPA wipe down to see exactly what we were dealing with. The paint wasn’t in terrible condition, but had swirls and rids throughout. A 1 step polish was used to enhance gloss and depth, and removed most of the imperfections, then topped with a thick layer of Beeds HD.

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